5 Reasons for integrating external customer data in your company

One of the biggest bottlenecks in marketing and sales is insufficiently qualified databases. They make decision-making in your company more difficult and can become true resource killers. After all, clean customer data is crucial so that you can concentrate specifically and efficiently on the right customers and prospects. With the services of Implisense you get access to a huge daily updated database with information on all companies listed in the German Commercial Register. By integrating external customer data, you not only gain an excellent working basis for your marketing and sales teams.

We give you five good reasons why you should use an external database.

integrating external customer

1. Clean, qualified database

With an external customer database you save the time-consuming and expensive qualification of your data. Because that already happens automatically. The information is extremely comprehensive and constantly updated on a daily basis. There are no duplicates. You have a well maintained data basis at all times. Best of all, API allows you to automatically synchronize this data with your CRM system. By integrating external customer data, your customer database is always up to date. Totally automatic.

2. Filling out web forms automatically

With each form field that potential customers have to fill in on your website, their likelihood of leaving increases. So why make your potential customers enter a lot of data themselves, with a lot of effort and risk, when you can also obtain this data completely automatically from the database. Let Implisense deliver the extensive background data to your prospects and keep your web forms short. For an uncomplicated user experience and minimal bounce rates – with maximum data quality at the same time.

3. Grouping and prioritizing automatically

The depth of information contained in your external customer file allows you to automate many processes in your marketing and sales. For example, you can have your new customers or prospects compared with your A, B or C customers using an algorithm. You get immediate information about the potential in your leads – and can effectively prioritize them accordingly.

4. Simplifying data collection for compliance

Simplify and accelerate the onboarding process for your customers. Since you already have a lot of information in your external database, your customer has to submit considerably less information and documents himself. The start of the collaboration is less frustrating and you have the opportunity to create effective added value for your new customer earlier.

5. Identifying potential new customers

With Implisense’s external database, you no longer only have access to the data you have collected or purchased, but also to information on all companies listed in the German Commercial Register. And: At the push of a button, the algorithm suggests companies that are very similar to a group you have defined. With just a few clicks, you can get recommended numerous leads that are extremely similar to your top customers. An incredibly valuable data basis for your upcoming sales and marketing activities – without additional costs.

An external customer database is a powerful tool that allows you to save huge amounts of marketing and sales resources and provide your customers with a seamless user experience. Make clever use of this potential.

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