Company networks available

For Implisense users, the analysis of companies for their public connections to other companies in Germany is now unlocked. With more than 100 million connections included, it is one of the largest graphs on the German company landscape.

Company network of Apple GmbH in Germany (detail)

An essential part of the relations results from links between the companies through their company websites as well as through the mandatory organ representatives – mostly managing directors:inside – who have to be publicly known in business dealings on behalf of the respective companies.

Together with pilot users, we list here the most common use cases for using corporate networks to build and maintain business customer and supplier relationships:

Top 5 Use Cases

  • Find key people in management
  • Identify trouble spots and affected companies
  • Discover competitors among customers
  • Trace supply dependencies
  • Conduct who-knows-who research

To find company networks on, call up a company profile. If there are public links to other companies, you can find a tile Network in the company profile. By clicking on “Interactive network” you can filter and expand the displayed company network.

To analyze relevant companies and relationships, the company networks can be expanded, zoomed and filtered


Already in the planning stage is the expansion of the networks to include current events on interruptions or failures in the network, in order to gain a better understanding of possible impairments of complex supply relationships. In particular, this will incorporate new findings from the CoyPu research program in the third call of the AI innovation competition from the German Federal Ministry of Economics.

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