We released the new Implisense API version 1.80 last week. In the course of our lookup disclosure, we have also added a new internal endpoint GET /lookup/{query}, which provides you with matching company hits for a query in JSON format. Furthermore, we integrate our public company profiles on the search platform Companies and Markets more closely into the API and return the corresponding links in the lookup.

In the case of social media links, we have removed the decommissioned Google+ platform and added the rating platform Kununu. We also marked the less used endpoint /autocomplete as no longer supported. It will be replaced by a functionally superior /suggest endpoint in the future.

Here you can download the current version of the documentation.

You can view the interactive documentation of the Implisense API version 1.80 online here.

For more information about the Implisense API click here.


  • A new endpoint GET /lookup/{query} has been introduced. It essentially functions the same as the POST /lookup-endpoint with the query being used to fill the query-field in the LookupRequest.
  • The result of the /lookup-endpoint now includes the link to the public company web profile provided by Implisense.
  • The endpoint /topics now additionally returns the “threshold” parameter back in the output.
  • The endpoint /autocomplete has been marked as deprecated and is no longer documented. It will be replaced by an improved suggester endpoint.
  • The deprecated /profile-endpoint has been removed.
  • We removed Google+ from and added Kununu to the list of possible social media items.