Favorite company searches on Companies and Markets

After we have significantly expanded the search possibilities of our portal Companies and Markets some time ago and provided you with the suggestion for search support, today we would like to present you with some current search queries, which should clarify the possibilities of the portal for you and offer you inspiration to formulate your own specific queries. We have grouped the requests according to filter types in order to offer you a simple orientation. So let’s start with a typical scenario:

1. Combination of full text search and location filter

The simplest form of search is to combine a full text search (which also searches company websites) with a filter, e.g. one or more location filters.


Suche Windparks in Niedersachsen

2. Combination of full text search and industry filter:

Instead of a local filter, any other filter can also be used, e.g. an industry filter.

The combination of full-text search and industry filter can also be used to find companies more precisely.

Ebenfalls lassen sich Firmen aus einer Branche finden, die über eine bestimmte Eigenschaft verfügen.

3. Combination of full text search and size filter:

Of course, the full text search can also be combined with a size filter. In this way, for example, unusual companies can be identified.

Suche Kleinstunternehmen mit ISO 9001

4. Combination of industry and size filters:

Of course you can also find suitable companies with a combination of filters without a full text search.

5. Full text search with current time reference:

The full text search can be used for products as well as for technologies or certifications. A time reference is also possible.

6. Full text search with alternative phrases:

Sometimes it is necessary to use the full text search with alternative formulations for the same subject in order to obtain a comprehensive search result.

7. Thinking outside the box:

We would like to encourage you to consider thinking outside the box!

Suche Craft Beer Hersteller in Berlin

Please feel free to share your ideas with us; we look forward to hearing from you!

Tip: In contrast to the general company profile, the Plus profile contains more content intended for users who require background information. This can be done by registering free of charge via Google or LinkedIn.