– free database about companies

In several previous blog articles we have introduced you to the free Implisense Lookup, which allows you to research email addresses of incoming contacts or simply companies that interest you. Furthermore, we demonstrated how you can set up this functionality as a search with abbreviations in different browsers.

Today we present you the simplest variant of the lookup. We call it “ – The free database about companies”. It works in any browser, on any device. For this purpose we have acquired the domain “”. Just click on one of the examples below:

As you can see, the URL “” can simply be supplemented with company names or e-mail addresses and will be forwarded directly to an informative company profile on our platform Companies and Markets. Thus “” functions as a link shortener (can be easily forwarded and shared) and as a lookup in one. All this without any prerequisites; no costs arise for you and no registration is required.

Tip: Please set the language to English the first time you use it.

We believe that this is a useful tool to help you improve the quality of your sales processes.