Launch of Companies and Markets

Since early April, Team Implisense has been making a new, free offer available to you: The Companies and Markets ( platform. It is a free overview of the German corporate landscape for all users.

Lead Generation with Companies and Markets

The platform makes it possible for all, which are active in the B2B selling or marketing, to take first steps in the new customer search free of charge and 24 hours a day. Using the search function, you can search by company name as well as by full text, as you are used to with Implisense. The full text search is a powerful tool; you can search specific products and technologies, but also names of people or events and much more. You can also filter further either by industry or by region.

companies and markets

You will receive the first five hits for free, as well as the latest news about your search and basic information about your search profile. For each company you can click on a detail page, which in turn allows you to search directly on the company website. Of course, you can find out more search results and more details about our paid offers. This new offer replaces our public company profiles, which you can currently still find at

Start with your free search on Companies and Markets directly here.

We would be pleased if you make active use of our free offer and recommend us to others if you like it. We also look forward to receiving your feedback by e-mail at or using our contact form!