Milestone in the development of the research project Customer Prediction Platform (CPP)

Our research project for the development of a Customer Prediction Platform (CPP) has been running since June 2016. This strategically important project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Investitionsbank Berlin Brandenburg (IBB). CPP is being developed as middleware for the massively scaling evaluation of corporate customers to their customer potential. These evaluations can be integrated into existing end applications via a standardized interface (API) to automate B2B marketing processes.

We are primarily focusing on three aims with this project:

  1. Analysis: massively scalable prediction of customer potential for process automation
  2. Integration: Easier integration into existing marketing solutions such as Marketing Automation, Customer Relationship, Lead Management, Customer Support
  3. Internationalization: Transfer of the solution to other countries and language areas

The second milestone of the project will be presented in February 2018. This will give us the opportunity to introduce new pilot projects with enterprise users as well as our technological innovations, which will find their way into our products in the near future.

New possibilities with CPP:

  1. Automatic company categorization: Users define the relevant categories (ABC customers, product A, product B, topic X, Y, Z) and the CPP assigns a score to all existing customers or even leads to the most reasonable category. This categorization feature will also be available in the Implisense API for all our customers after the beta testing period.
  2. Network analysis between companies: The recognition of relationships between companies is an important part of text mining. We present the first results on how to reliably recognize certain relationships between companies from free texts.
  3. Temporal analyses: How do companies change over time? Can we add a time component to our recommendations and categorizations? We present initial examinations and automated recommendations.
Example of an automated categorization of 10,500 companies and their interconnection to business partners in the field of predictive maintenance (Source: Implisense)

We look forward to presenting the progress we have made! And we are confident that the new capabilities of CPP will be a milestone for our entire user base.

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