News about Implisense Qualify

update qualifyDo you have extensive newsletter lists or contact lists from your CRM? Then this product update might be interesting to you: Implisense Qualify now automatically checks if a contact’s company still exists. Note: This new feature works for companies registered in Germany only.

From projects for data enrichment and data cleaning of large CRM systems one knows the problem well enough. Many companies no longer exist, but how do you find this out quickly? Use Implisense Qualify to find companies that are officially no longer economically active.  Implisense Qualify now supplements the column with the field economic activity without any additional costs.

Furthermore, we can now also add additional fields to your company’s master data, e. g. telephone number of the head office, official business purpose or the names of the managing directors.

Are you interested or have questions? Then we will be more than happy to help you!

More information can be found on the Implisense Qualify product page.