Lecture: Sales optimization with AI

At the “log in. berlin.” Partner event “Artificial Intelligence – Perspectives and Potentials” on 6 September 2018, the Implisense CPO Dr. André Bergholz spoke to AI in Sales. The contributions of the event once again proved the diversity of the topic Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is and remains the keyword of our time, which is more future-oriented than almost any other.

Dr. André Bergholz explained in his lecture which possibilities AI and Deep Learning offer to optimize marketing and sales. For answering questions Image Artificial Intelligenceof the office staff, customer advisors, marketing and analytics, monitored classification, clustering and profiling as well as Natural Language Processing (NLP) can be used. The use of AI in these departments helps to find new customers, prioritize incoming leads, increase cross-selling and up-selling, plan targeted campaigns, identify trends and more.

Outline of the presentation “Sales optimization with AI” and slides (in German language)

  1. Questions for Marketing and Sales
  2. Status Quo and Solution Approaches
  3. Questions and techniques of the AI
  4. The Vision
  5. About Implisense