Company data straight away while surfing the web

The Implisense Bookmarklet provides you with current information about companies while surfing on websites. The installation of the free tool takes only a few seconds.


Fully tested with Chrome, Firefox and Safari

Installing the bookmarklet

  1. Visit and scroll down to the “Free Tool” section
  2. Check whether the bookmarks or favorites bar are displayed in your browser (in the browser menu under Display / Bookmarks bar or Display / Favorites bar)
  3. Use drag-and-drop to place the red “Implisense lookup” button in the favorites bar. The installation is now complete!

Watch the video of the installation

Implisense Bookmarklet Installation


With the bookmarklet you can look up background information on a company in seconds while surfing. Here is a small demo while surfing in a business information service:

Implisense Bookmarklet Anwendungsbeispiel

The company profiles provide you with important information about the company, such as address, management, size and much more. As a Plus user you can add the company directly to your favorites to save them for later analysis.

Do you have questions about the bookmarklet?
Your questions are best answered by using the contact form.

Registration provides staff numbers and complete management

The Data Scientists at Implisense are constantly working on preparing useful content on companies. The Plus version of Companies and Markets has been developed for users who need background information on a company. It requires free registration via Google and LinkedIn.

The benefits of your registration:

    1. Complete management – all board members, managing directors and authorised signatories
    2. Number of employees – the number of employees shown in the company’s annual financial statements.
    3. Complete technology profile – all technologies from the company website or from jobs.
    4. Company e-mail address – non-personal contact e-mail addresses from the company website

Plus version of Companies and Markets with free registration

In contrast to the general company profile, the Plus Profile contains more content intended for users who wish to obtain background information. This requires a free registration via Google or LinkedIn. Here you can register directly for a free Plus account.

Do you like the add-ons? Would you like more information? If so, please write an email to