Identify global risks earlier

Implisense customers will be able to benefit from the first results from the CoyPu research program ( in the near future. In this ambitious research program, we are working on early detection of global risks in worldwide supply chains together with Siemens, Infineon and DATEV.

The basis for an initial assessment of possible risks in global supply chains is provided by public data, for example from the WHO, UN and dedicated crisis monitoring services. From this, basic estimates for the probability of risks as well as the expected ability of the country to deal with a risk can be measured.

Implisense has analyzed public data and stored it in a graph database in order to be able to assess all analyzed entities, such as companies or critical infrastructures, with regard to their geopolitical risk in the future. In the future, customers will be able to have the list of their suppliers automatically checked to determine whether new risks are apparent and risk management must become active.

A particular focus is on the expected consequences of climate change and the associated crises and adjustments.

Analysis of the most affected countries due to expected climate change (WorldRisk Index data).

Intended use cases

  • Identify existing suppliers with high risks
  • Qualify new suppliers faster for risk management
  • Plan sourcing to include new risk assessments

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